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The Friends of Atwater Beach has set out to implement a series of improvement for the beach that will enhance and preserve this amenity for years to come. These projects come in all sizes, from large, long-term goals to immediate improvements. 

The Jetties


Friends of Atwater Beach has a long-term vision to replace the jetties at the beach. These structures, originally built in the 1930s, were designed reduce beach and shoreline erosion. Now 90 years later, these structures have seen decades of harsh conditions on Lake Michigan and are both unsightly and unsafe.


Footwash & Bottle Filling Station

Bottle Station-teal.png

In addition to our long-term goals, FAB intends to revitalize Atwater Beach with more immediate improvements. One such improvement is the installation of a fresh water bottle filling station, and a foot wash station. FAB is in the process of working with the Village to install these new amenities at the beach. 

Small projects

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