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Large Projects
The Jetties: Long Term Solution for Aging Infrastructure

Jetty Concepts.jpg

Friends of Atwater Beach has a long-term vision to replace the jetties at the beach. These structures, originally built in the 1930s, were designed to help with beach and shoreline erosion. Now 90 years later, these structures have seen decades of harsh conditions on Lake Michigan and have become both unsightly and unsafe. In 2010, The Village of Shorewood prepared the Atwater Beach Master Plan, which outlined long term improvement plans for the park. The full report can be found below. 

Friends of Atwater Beach would like to have these structures re-evaluated and, ideally, redesigned in a safe and modern design that address beach erosion. Using the 2010 Atwater Beach Master Plan as a starting point, FAB would like to revisit these plans and reimagine how incorporating new, safe, and perhaps, publicly accessible jetties could add a new recreation amenity for the beach.

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