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Small Projects 
Short-Term Beach Improvements

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Shorewood is fortunate to have a public beach where everyone is welcome! To continue to make the beach as accessible as possible, the members of Friends of Atwater Beach have identified the need for installation of a bottle filling station and a footwash station.


The footwash station will decrease the likelihood that individuals will use the beach house restroom to remove sand from their bodies and items, and the water bottle filling station will provide potable water while decreasing the need for individuals to bring single-use plastic bottles to the beach. 


To advance this project, the Friends of Atwater Beach submitted a grant to the Shorewood Foundation. In July, 2020, our grant request was approved and the process to install the footwash and water bottle filling station has begun! 


Over the next year, Friends of Atwater Beach will work with the Village of Shorewood and an engineering firm to install these new amenities. As the project progresses, we will post updates. 
Stay tuned!

Footwash &
​Bottle Filling 

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